Another drink, please!

domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2010

Just another drunk post.

Oh, yes!

I don't need anymore... just one more drink

Anytime, anywere, if i can have one more drink, i will be ok.

Just one more drink and one more feeling... I need to be in love again... It's a short time since the last drink and the last love, but i realy want i new drink and i just need a new love.

What can i do? call the people in the bar? Or just sleep in the night and wait? I don't know... The people are strange, the roads and the ways are confuse, i don't know anyone that can understand that

I know what can i do. I will call for some vodca. I will call for some good people.

Am I just seeking in the dark without hope? No... Hope is the one thing that i have without any question...

Hope that the times will be better... The world will be better... And, why not? My life will be better.

Me and my poor thought. Thinking in some people that i still don't know and in a lot of other peoples that i know too much. And specialy thinking in a person that i just meet a few moments ago and that i dont't understand properly yet. Oh, girl, i need at least meet you some times and know you better...

Oh, people...

I have too go... to much work to do and too much nightmares to face.

Post hearing "Elevation" - U2

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